Large Pastured Duck Eggs from J & L Green Farm - Normally $5.00/DOZEN ON SALE FOR $4/dozen

Description from Jordan Green:
Raised in a duplicate model to the feathernet, our Khaki Campbell ducks are moved every two days to new ground to satisfy their higher demand for fresh grass. Often edible for those allergic to chicken eggs, these eggs are much larger and have similar taste. Prized by gourmet chefs, duck eggs have higher levels of protein producing a unique texture in desserts and pastries. Upon pick up, duck eggs last over 3 weeks in the fridge!

Jordan Green was a Polyface apprentice in 2002. He has since married Sheri's sister, Laura, and they are now farming full time in Edinburg, VA. Practicing the Polyface model, Jordan and Laura are pleased to offer their delicious duck eggs to you.

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