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Our Heritage Roosters Close the Circle for

a Unique Pastured Egg Experience


Everyone knows that eggs come from female chickens! These birds are known as "pullets" before they start laying (for approximately 5 months) and "laying hens" afterward.  
Frustrated with the quality of hatchery chicks, which tend to be small, fragile, and stupid, Polyface embarked on a bold plan several years ago. We decided to save healthy, productive older laying hens, mate them with select roosters, and begin hatching in-house pullets. The goal: to create a robust, pasture-based, intelligent, drug-free laying hen.
The plan worked, but left a lot of older brother roosters who were no longer needed in the laying hen flock.  In the industry, these excess males are simply thrown away--literally.  This kind of disposal drives animal welfare activists into apoplectic frenzy, but boys don't lay eggs.  What to do?
Enter the Polyface Heritage Rooster
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This is the 12-16 week older brother of a beautiful pasture-based laying hen. To keep from throwing these boys away, we raise them on up as a tasty alternative to the double-breasted, fast-growing Cornish Cross (our typical 8-week-old broiler).
Eating just four of these Heritage Roosters per year closes the circle on the equivalent females and supplies a household with a dozen eggs per week!  In fact, closing this circle is a wonderful way to actually participate in the mathematical choreography of the holistic life-cycle.  So add one of these roosters to your roster and join the circle!
And one more thing:  these older birds eat more grass and are therefore more robust in flavor, have a better nutritional profile, and actually taste better than the plumper, faster-growing Cornish Cross!  Now they do have more dark meat, a thinner breast, and are better cooked slowly, but when people discover the rich taste and superior nutritional quality, it's love at first bite!!!


Thank you for opting to change the food system one bite a time!



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