Newsletter #1 - 2016

2016 Issue #1

Buying Club Newsletter

A new buying club season begins and we're excited to bring you some awesome new changes this year! Please read this letter carefully as it contains important information.


First, let's talk about the Buying Club drops for this season:


We've combined the North Arlington-Toronto St with the Fairfax drop. If you look on a map, you'll see these drops were only about 2 blocks from each other even though they were in different cities.


We have also combined the Staunton and Stuarts Draft drops. Both will now meet at Cross Fit Gym at the Staunton Mall. Please check the schedule for pick-up times.


The Centreville drop is now on Saturdays.


The Laurel drop has moved down the street a little.


Several drops have new pick-up times, so please double check the schedule and your calendar before placing your order.


Check the 2016 Buying Club Schedule here!


A huge thank you goes out to our hosts and hostesses for having us again! Please be sure to give them a little extra appreciation when you pick up your product. Without them, access to Polyface food in your area wouldn't be possible.

2015 - 100% Club


A shout out to some of our star patrons in 2015 - Buying Club members who placed an order for each and every delivery cycle last season.


We hope you enjoy this locally made beautifully hand-crafted mug as a small token of our appreciation!


Our new loyalty card program is replacing the 100% club this season. So 2015 folks, you were the last! Thank you!

Loyalty Cards


For the first time ever we are offering Loyalty Cards!



Here's how it works:

Each card has 10 places for a punch. For every $50 you spend you'll receive one punch. After 10 punches simply turn in your card and receive $50 off your next order! 
There is no expiration on these cards and they will carry over from one season to the next. 


We're always looking for more ways to honor our faithful patrons and we hope these will do the trick!


Place your order today on Polyface Yum!

Shorter Deadlines


As many of you know, the deadline for ordering has always been one week before the drop.


However, this year we are shortening the deadline to just three days before the drop! So if your pick-up is on Saturday, your deadline will be the Wednesday before the drop at midnight.


This is going to make us dance a little more briskly, but we hope that you find it more convenient for planning your menus.


Referral Program


We're launching a new referral program:


Refer a friend! When they place their first order and mention your name you'll BOTH receive...


$10 OFF your Next Order!


Now Accepting Credit Cards


Yes, you read that right! Polyface is working toward accepting credit cards! We purchased two new tablets that will go with Richard, Andrea and Sheri on Buying Club delivery days so that you can pay by credit card, cash or check.


We're still working with the bank to get our account set up, so please check your pick-up reminder email to make sure it's operational at the time of your first pick-up. We'll make the announcement there.


As usual, we are still happy to send totals out the day before your pick-up. Just send an email to or call us in the store at 540-885-3590.


An Introduction to...



By Andrea Gram


Greetings! I'm the newest addition to the Polyface team and I'm writing to welcome you back for another exciting season and to kick off a new series in our newsletter called All Stars. This series uses a sports analogy to describe our infield positions and aims to help you all get to know some of the faces behind your food. 


Since I'm the one pitching this story - and not because I'm vain, mind you - I'll start with my own position first. Sheri here, interupting this letter with a secret question. What are two kinds of chickens that Polyface currently raises on the farm today? Respond to this email with your answer. All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a free Polyface t-shirt. Drawing will take place on March 25 and winner will be contacted via email as well as announced in next month's newsletter. Now, back to Andrea. It is my sincere hope that you'll enjoy the striking contrast and therefore awe-inspiring beauty of our team. I certainly do!!! 


Bath County Chargers, 1994


I hated the batting cage. Just the sound of the machine releasing the ball made me flinch terribly. How was I going to hit the little fear-stitched monsters with my eyes closed? I wasn't. They'd come at me so hard and so fast that I'd freeze up just long enough to strike out every time. 


Consequently, the coach stuck me in right field during practice. He even let me bat at the end of a game or two – when there was absolutely no danger of losing. Invariably, I'd hit a fly ball and wind up right back on the dusty shelf. In fact, the only real action I saw for the entire first season was a foul ball that hit me in the head and almost knocked me off the bench. Heck, even if I couldn't be one, at least I could see some, right?


It was humiliating. I wanted to run away and never show my face again. I'm certain I would have if there had been even slightly more than 300 kids in my high-school body.  Frankly, there just wasn't a big enough sea of faces to fade into and any hope for the grace of anonymity was quickly dissolved. 


My dad must have known what was at stake because he kept encouraging me to practice. He'd drag me over to the baseball diamond beside our house and we'd practice pitching. Fortunately, the danger of playing the position of a reverse jack-in-the-box didn't seem to deter him any. He loved practicing with me no matter how awful I was. 


At our first practice the next season, the coach had us fan out around him and pitched to each of us randomly. Afterward, one of our better short-stop players approached and commented that I'd really improved over the summer. I was immediately suspicious but noted that she rarely ever spoke let alone handed out compliments. To my horror, the coach confirmed that if I kept pitching like that, I could expect to start by the end of the season.


Fast forward 20 years and here I am back on the pitchers mound. I finally made it into the major leagues last summer and I can't even begin to describe how proud I am to be a part of the team here at Polyface. What a tremendous blessing it is to work with such a sparkling group of All Stars!


Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, if you read this series and don't see any beauty here in this little piece of the promised land, rest assured that it isn't because it's not there. It's more likely that you've got a stye in your eye or that I've fallen into another dreadful bout of blind batting. That seems to be the way of it – life in general.


Last, a warning: not unlike some of the other eco-preaching lunatics around these parts, I'm not sure I could refrain from using my super-power even if I wanted to. What's my super-power? Why, it's my super-curse of course: I tend to see the best in others. I know, I know... how convenient! “I just can't help but tell my co-workers how wonderful they are!” Well, consider it more like the art of sincere flattery. Is there such a thing you ask? Stay tuned to find out.



Questions, Concerns or Raving Reviews?



Please don't hesitate to contact us! Simply reply to this email and either Sheri Salatin or Andrea Gram will be in touch shortly.


Thank you so much for choosing Polyface Farm as your clean meat connection! We value your patronage!


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