Chung The Story of KETCHUNG!: Korean Inspired Ketchup

Ketchung’s spiciness threshold is decades in the making.

Born in South Korea, immigrating to the U.S. two years later, Helen was raised in a family where “kim chi,” was a staple on her family’s dinner table, as much as butter, salt, and pepper is to the average American. In fact, a s a toddler, wh en other kids ate mac & cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Helen ate kim chi and rice.

For Helen, regular ketchup simply did not cut it; it failed to satisfy the level of spiciness she craved in her food.

Later in high school, Helen devised the ketchup mixture that finally matched her peppery preference.

Fast forward to life in Washington, D.C; David met Helen and her spicy sauce.

Since they first met, Helen and David had a special phrase that was said in moments of joy. “Let’s bottle it up,” they would say. ‘Bottling it up’ meant to relish that moment – one that you could savor later in life.

During the holidays, Helen began to gift her family, friends, and work colleagues jars of her sauce. And they loved it. As her maiden name is “Chung”, Helen called her spicy Korean concoction – “Ketchung”. On one of those occasions, David said, “Let’s bottle it up.”

And so they did. They bottled up this Korean-inspired spicy ketchup and today it is a staple on Helen and David's dinner table.

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