Pastured Pigs at Polyface
Our Method: Polyface literally backed into the pig business many years ago as a way to build compost. When we feed hay to the cows, they eat and lounge in a pole shed that we bed down with wood chips, sawdust, and old hay. This bedding ferments in the anaerobic conditions created by the heavy cows walking on it. Added corn ferments and offers a tasty salary for pigs to aerate the bedding--hence PIGAERATOR. The oxygenation turns the entire deep bedding into a compost pile, which is the backbone of the farm's fertility program. During the summer and fall, the pigs are in special savannah pastures rotated every few days with electric fence.

All items that are sold out are hidden from view. Here is a complete list of our pork products:

Pork Tenderloin(fish loin) Ground Pork Hot Dogs(beef and pork mix)
Pork Loin Filets (cutlets) Bulk Sausage - Breakfast, Mild Italian, Hot Italian Seasonings Pork Fat
Pork Chops 1 oz Sausage Links - Breakfast, Mild Italian, Hot Italian Seasonings Ham Hocks uncured)
Boneless Pork Loin roast 2 oz Sausage Links - Mild Italian Seasoning Organs(rarely)
Bone-in Pork Loin roast 4 oz Sausage Links - Bratwurst, Hot Italian Seasonings Head & Feet (rarely)
Country Style Ribs Breakfast Sausage Patties Pork Bones
Pork Backbone

Ham Roasts Pork Belly
Picnic roast Uncured Bacon, Sliced
Spare Ribs Country Cured Bacon, Sliced
Boston Butt Country Cured Bacon, Chunks

For pork recipes, click on each product to see submitted recipes for that particular cut or visit our recipe blog. If you have one to share, send it to us in an email!

The prices you see below are only estimates. Because we charge by the pound, the actual price will be calculated after we have weighed your products and may be slightly different than what you see here. Please wait to write your check until you receive your final total at the pick up. We accept cash or check on delivery. No credit cards.

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